The Sassy A Story!

Hi, I’m Asia Dillon!

I’m 16 years old, I am a laid-back kid. My favorite subject in school is science. I love mixing things together and I also love cooking and hairstyling is well. I consider myself a little jackie of all trades. I decided to come up with a lip gloss because , my mother used to give my little sister a certain lip balm to heal her lips but she never liked to use it because of the smell and it made her lips feel like they were burning.

To help my little sister, I decided to step up to make something to soothe and heal her lips by using all natural ingredients. I wanted to create something that would help her cracked, peeling and dry lips due to the Eczema around her lips. My mission is to heal all the the kids and adults lips around the world by creating a product that will have their lips healthy and popping at the same time!

I use only all natural products with vitamin rich ingredients to create my lip gloss.